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Covid-19 vaccine could still work, scientists claim

A coronavirus vaccine could trigger an immune response that lasts for much longer than the natural protection derived from fighting off the infection,...

Coronavirus vaccine: Israel's Mossad 'obtains Chinese vaccine' in bid to fight pandemic

As a second wave of the deadly pathogen sweeps through Europe, Israeli scientists are now thought to be studying the content of the...

How to lose weight in your face

Facial workoutsIf you were trying to lose weight on your legs and bum, you’d do squats, lunges, leg raises, glute bridges, and other...

BBC's Victoria Derbyshire apologises for saying she would break 'Rule of Six'

A seventh of England's population will be in the highest level of restrictions by the end of the week as Warrington and Nottingham...

Beautiful Sicilian town becomes the latest in Italy to auction off abandoned houses for €1 each

A beautiful town in Sicily has become the latest in a growing trend in Italy to see its abandoned homes auctioned off for €1...