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We try before you buy: JENNY WOOD tests stationery to upgrade your home office

We try before you buy: JENNY WOOD tests stationery to upgrade your home office

This has a cult following. It’s extralong with a replacable rubber. Palomino Blackwing pencil, 

berylune.co.uk, 5/5



Looks like a wooden pencil, but really it’s a propelling version in disguise. Ohto Sharp Pencil,

berylune.co.uk, 5/5


The seed capsule in the end can be planted when you’ve sharpened it down to a stub. Sprout pencil,

amazon.co.uk, 5/5


Swiss-made, it’s scented with orange and spices. Scented Pencils of La Maison Caran d’Ache + Mizensir,

carandache.com/gb, 4/5


Ergonomic triangular design with rubber ‘anti-slip’ bobbles. Grip 2001 HB Graphite Pencil,

faber-castell.co.uk, 4/5


Made with recycled graphite and has a glow-in-the-dark rubber. Perpetua Lumina pencil,

hamiltonpens.com, 3/5


Boasts a platinum-plated cap. Expensive! Graf von Faber- Castell Perfect Pencil,

graf-vonfaber-castell.co.uk, 3/5




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