The Chase host Bradley Walsh stunned after he’s kissed on the lips by over-friendly contestant – and fans are left cringing


BRADLEY Walsh got more than he bargained for on tonight’s episode of The Chase as one of the contestants planted a very awkward kiss right on his lips.

The host was left stunned – and speechless – after the over-friendly player celebrated beating the Chaser with an affectionate embrace.

Bradley was left stunned by the impromptu snog

Scoring high in her round, ecstatic contestant Kathy jumped up and down before rushing over to hug Brad.

The flame-haired player then grabbed him and gave him a smooch as the horrified presenter pulled a face at the camera.

Anne Hegerty, who had earlier asked Kathy what she was ‘on’, joked: “She seems quite pleased.”

Kathy asked if she could “go now” and Brad tried to usher her back towards the desk.

Poor Bradley didn’t know what to do when Kathy planted a kiss on him
ITV The Chase
Kathy couldn’t contain her excitement at kissing Bradley and winning
ITV The Chase

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it,” screamed the excited contestant after bringing home £6,000 for the prize fund.

Not looking too pleased, Brad replied: “Join the club.”

Giggling Anne, who had some sympathy, said: “Yes that was unusual. Are you alright?”

Confused Brad admitted: “I’m going for a lie down.”

Chaser Anne Heggarty looked on in amusement
Bradley was completely dumbstruck

The Chase fans took to Twitter after watching the awkward moment.

One viewer said: “Literally cringed when she went and kissed Bradley!!”

“She’s a living legend, one of my favourite contestants ever,” added another.

A third said: “Poor Brad! He didn’t know what to do!”

Bradley offered excited Kathy a handshake
Bradley looked utterly floored by the kiss

Kathy and Gareth managed to beat The chaser and took home a share of £13,000.

“Thank you so much for what has been the most incredible experience ever,” said Kathy.

Turning to Brad, she added: “I’m going to go to a Nutrino conference Bradley and I’m going to think of you.”

Much like Anne, The Chase viewers wanted to know why Kathy was so excited.

“Calm yer tets Kathy,” said one fan.

Another added: “This ginger woman is a bit much isn’t she? She seems smart though!

“Has this women just rocked up off the sesh..,” said a third.

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