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Store slammed for claiming you can 'prevent coronavirus' with crystals


A lot is still unknown about the coronavirus, but scientists and doctors are working hard to learn as much as they can and develop a vaccine.

Current advice from the World Health Organisation to help prevent the spread of the illness is to wash hands with soap and warm water regularly, maintain social distancing and avoid touching your face.

But one store in Bondi, Australia, has claimed that there are a few different ways people can try and prevent themselves from getting the virus.

The unnamed shop, which is a holistic healing store, put up a sign outside their business informing customers they could boost their immune system using crystals and meditation.

The sign sparked backlash online

A photo of the sign was shared on Reddit, where it caused a stir.

It reads: “Prevent corona by boosting your immune system through reiki, crystals, essential oils, meditation.”

The person who uploaded the image, captioned it by saying: “This brand of idiocy is a sight to behold.”

More than 100 people have since commented on the post, with many concerned about the message being spread.

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One person replied: “This is dangerous.”

Another wrote: “Dangerous and probably also illegal. They can’t advertise that right? What load of bulls**t.”

A third said: “Damn, why are thousands of scientists all over the world struggling to find an efficient treatment for covid19 when all you need are crystals and essential oils.”

However not everyone was angered by the sign, a different user didn’t see an issue.

They added: “This is a time of great fear. Many people need all the support and guidance they can get. So long as the people who are practicing this follow health precautions and don’t claim their service can replace professional help, what’s the harm in this?”


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