St James Palace: Inside the royal residence where Princess Beatrice and Princess Anne live


St James’ Palace is one of the many residences owned by the Royal Family and it is based in the City of Westminster in London. The property has always been the home of significant figures and was built largely between 1531 and 1536 by Henry VIII. Although it is no longer the principal residence of the monarch, the property is the most senior royal palace in the country. What does it look like inside?

Parts of the building are open for public visits at certain times of the year, although a lot of the property is private.

First built with red brick, most of the original architecture of the palace still remains.

Inside the complex, the palace has the York House, where Prince Charles used to live with Prince William and Prince Harry as well as Lancaster House, which is used by the Government for official receptions.

The palace also has it’s own chapel, Chapel Royal, which is still used for various functions by the royals.

It is also the home of Princess Beatrice, Princess Anne and the former residence of Princess Eugenie.

The house is also the chosen venue for up to 100 receptions each year for different charities associated with the royals.

At these events, royal photographers have been able to get a glimpse inside the rooms of the house and show off the grand decor.

Snaps taken inside an event revealed the place has a burgundy red patterned carpet and matching curtains which were tied open by gold strings.

The spacious reception room had large white doors which were finished off by gold borders around the side.

The wallpaper was burgundy on the top half above a gold border and there was white and gold detailing on the wall below.


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