Single women share their brutally honest and hilarious Tinder profiles in their last ditch attempt to find love


EVERY so often a dating profile will take your eye, not because you fancy them but because they’re so outrageous, agonisingly honest or downright barmy.

These profiles have been unearthed from the four corners of Tinder, from women who have just decided to let it all hang out – literally.

That is an empowering message Shannon
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The unlucky in love singletons have thrown caution to the wind and decided to be brutally honest, a bit crude and slightly threatening.

If going down the conventional route just isn’t working for you, why not take a leaf out of these ladies’ books.

From laugh out loud to cover your eyes cringe, take a look through the best of the worst profiles out there.

But we won’t judge if you make some notes for your own dating profile.

Shirting the issue

It must be really hot under 21 T-shirts

Food for thought

Thank you Becca for clearing that awkward question up
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Had to split

Are you dating Jim Levenstein from American Pie?
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Shot in the dark

If you’ve been using someone else’s pictures, prepare for a hefty bar tab
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The worrying part is this person doesn’t seem to know how to count
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Beach please

Driving is definitely tricky on sand, we’ll give her that
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Home sweet home

This woman has skipped quite a few decades off her age
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Gentleman, you have been warned
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Sweet dreams

This is profile lulls you into a false sense of security
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Top marks

We wonder what her grades are like at university
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Furry friend

At least she clarifies you don’t have to be a squirrel
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Oh boy

The lady has spoken
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Name game

What an incredible and unfortunate name
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Game on

We think most things in life should be like a Nintendo 64
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Face time

You’d never have a boring conversation with this girl
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Sharply dressed

Yeah that’s romantic, romantic and terrifying
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Tat’s cool

We’re just trying to work out what flavour ice cream that is
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What a tagline to have on your profile
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Oh baby

Who brought a baby to a bar?
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