‘Sick’ Vogue blasted for ‘tone-deaf’ Instagram caption linking the Manson Family mass murders with a beauty trend


VOGUE has been slammed by beauty fans after posting on Instagram linking the Manson Family mass murders with the latest fashion trend in a ‘f***ing sick’ promotion.

The official beauty account referenced the notorious killings under a snap of English singer-songwriter Jorja Smith – linking her 60’s inspired look with the death of actress Sharon Tate.

Vogue beauty likened Jorja Smith’s look to murdered actress Sharon Tate

In 1969, Sharon – who was eight months pregnant – was killed in cold blood at her Hollywood home, along with four other people, by followers of Charles Manson.

Vogue wrote: “With this summer marking the 50th anniversary of the Manson Family murders and the tragic death of Sharon Tate, the catalyst for the ’60s revival is secret to no one.

“Tap the link in our bio to see how five ‘It’ girls have modernised throwback looks.”

Followers of the account were quick to hit back with criticism of the post causing Vogue to delete the post – but the article it linked to is still live.

Sharon Tate was murdered by the Mason Family cult in 1969
Getty – Contributor

“Bad taste,” one woman wrote in the comments. “Someone’s family member was murdered and you want to base a beauty trend on that?”

“This is where our world has come to,” added another. “F***ing sick.”

While a third said: “She was murdered in the most horrific way with her unborn baby ripped out of her. This is tone deaf and I don’t know how anyone can think this is okay.”

Some even took to Twitter with screenshots of the post: “Ok, wow. This lot are ‘marking the anniversary’ of a brutal murder by Manson cult members with ‘throwback fashion’.”

Other people labelled the beauty experts ‘deranged’ while others demanded to know whether it was ‘a joke’ – and if not that the publication should ‘apologise’ immediately.

Hundreds of fans slammed the post on Vogue’s beauty account

And some joked what Vogue might use for their next inspiration, with some joking that suicide cult leader Jim Jones may even inspire a sunglasses line.

One joked: “Truly inspired by a violent murder to get my latest summer look. RIP Sharon but check out my mini-dress.” While another added: “Wonder how they will mark September 11? New eyebrow trend?”

The article the post advetised, titled ‘How It Girls Are Embracing the ’60s Beauty Revival’, features women wearign winged eyeliner and the bouffant hairstyle popularised by Tate.

It also referenced Quentin Tarantino’s film Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, which is set in 1969 where Margot Robbie stars as Tate herself.

In other news, a racegoer turned her fashion disaster red wine spill into a incredible patterned look.

While a shopper blasted Pretty Little Thing after her dress arrived ‘stained with blood’.

And fashion lovers joke ASOS’ new dress looks like the ‘Little Mermaid’ washed up on the shore.



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