Samsung Galaxy S11 could have a secret camera under screen – trumping iPhone


SAMSUNG is working on a camera that can be hidden underneath your smartphone’s display.

It would mean that the entire face of your phone could be filled with screen – revolutionising phone design.

Your next Samsung phone could have a completely invisible selfie camera
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Smartphone brands are racing to put more screen on your phone.

But phone makers are forced to cut into their screens to house a selfie camera.

Now Samsung has confirmed to local Korean media that it’s working on a solution: a hidden camera.

The company is plotting to design a new type of phone that can hide the camera underneath the screen.

Hiding the selfie camera underneath the screen would allow for a completely unblemished display

This is a particularly difficult challenge, because it’s important to make sure the screen doesn’t impact the quality of your photos.

And if Samsung can solve it, all smartphones of the future could look very different.

Sadly, Samsung hasn’t confirmed that it has created the tech.

Instead, Samsung’s display research and development group admitted that it was working on a possible solution.

According to the report by tech site MyDrivers, Samsung said: “Technology can be developed to the extent that the camera hole is invisible and does not affect the functionality of the camera or the display.”


So when might we see this technology?

Samsung’s next major phone release is likely to be the Galaxy Note 9, expect to launch in August.

But that smartphone’s design is probably being finalised right now, which means it’s too early for an under-screen camera.

We’re also expecting the not-yet-announced Samsung Galaxy S11.

That phone could feature futuristic screen technology, as it will probably launch between February and April 2020.

Of course, Samsung hasn’t actually confirmed that any of these smartphones will feature an under-screen camera – so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

It’s possible that Samsung might not actually achieve its goal of creating an under-screen camera at all.

Samsung recently rocked the boat with a foldable Galaxy Fold smartphone.

However, early samples of the device began breaking for gadget reviewers.

As a result, Samsung chose to delay the launch of the device indefinitely.

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