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Property: How to get rid of rats from your home for good with this trick

In the UK, there are anywhere between 10.5 million and 120 million rats. As well as being a pest, rats can carry disease and cause health risks. This is how to get rid of rats from your property.

With many restaurants being temporarily closed, rats have found new places to feed.

The coronavirus lockdown has left Britons spending most of their time at home and filling up their bins more quickly, which may attract more rats.

Homeowners who find rats in their property will want to take steps to remove them quickly.

However, this is not always easy to do as rats are adaptable and mobile, making them difficult to catch.

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Experts at the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) have shared tips on how to target rodents.

How to get rid of rats

If rats are present in a property, homeowners have a few options on how to get rid of them.

Rat poisons and traps can be picked up from many garden centres and used in a home.


“Members of the public can choose to carry out the work themselves, buying amateur-use rat poisons (rodenticides) and traps from a hardware store or garden centre,” the BPCA website stated.

“Keep in mind that most rats are wary of new objects such as traps or poisons placed in their environment.

“They will avoid them for a period before exploring them, so don’t expect instant success with this approach.”

While this is not always an instant fix, it is an easy way to tackle the problem.

When using rat poison, it is also important to follow the instructions and dispose of any dead rats in a safe way.

However, poison will not work on all rats due to genetic mutations.

The website continued: “Natural survivors and highly adaptable, some rats have shown evidence of evolving to become resistant to conventional poison.

“A study from the University of Reading revealed a new generation of rats carrying a genetic mutation which makes them resistant to conventional poison.”

If poison and traps don’t work and the problem continues, it could be time to get the help of a professional.

Professional pest removers can control the situation and get rid of rats for good.

The website said: “Knowing how much, where, and when to deploy products is where professionals are able to take control of situations efficiently.

“There’s also a growing issue with resistance, due to incorrect choice of rodenticide or widespread use by members of the public.”


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