Piers Morgan left red-faced after getting guest’s name totally wrong live on Good Morning Britain


PIERS Morgan was left red-faced on Good Morning Britain today when he called a guest “Ruby Murray” – mistakenly referring to a singer who died in 1996.

The 54-year-old host got British soul singer Ruby Turner’s name mixed up with that of the 1950s star, whose name is Cockney rhyming slang for “curry”.

Piers was forced to apologise for mangling a guests name

Perhaps hungry, Piers bungled his introduction, saying: “Ruby Murray is with us.”

She replied, outraged: “Ruby Murray? Oh Piers, you’re at it!”

Embarrassed, Piers said: “Ruby Turner. I’m so sorry. I’ve just identified you the wrong way, ironically. Ruby, I’m so sorry. Let’s try and recover the situation.”

One fan tweeted: “Piers calling Ruby Turner Ruby Murray has made my Monday 😂😂😂😂.”

Ruby Turner looked horrified by the mix-up
Piers issued a rare unreserved apology on Good Morning Britain

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Ruby Murray was a big star in the 1950s[/caption]

Ruby was on the show to talk about John Legend and Kelly Clarkson giving the lyrics to the Christmas hit Baby It’s Cold Outside a #MeToo-era makeover.

The 1944 song, about a man trying to get a girl to stay with him, includes the line: “If I have one more drink?”

John’s reply has been updated from “No cabs to be had out there” to: “It’s your body and your choice.”

Piers was predictably worked-up about the new PC version, which also includes the new line: “What will my friends thinks?”

The lyrics to Baby It’s Cold Outside have been updated
Ruby Turner, who was arguing in favour of the change, pointed at Piers

He asked: “What is wrong with these people? John Legend, you virtue-signalling horror story and that dreadful wife of his, what’s her name? Chrissy Teigen.”

Ruby was on Good Morning Britain to insist: “They’ve taken on a very popular Christmas song and they’ve tweaked a few lines.”

The row first erupted last Christmas, when a US radio station banned Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Arguing with a woman who said the lyrics, Piers insisted: “Piers raged: “This is flirtation. Harmless flirtation from a beautiful harmless scene in a movie.

She was on the show with Rebecca Ferguson


“It’s a wonderful song that everyone’s enjoyed and we should continue to enjoy.

“Radical feminists like you want to suck the joy out of everything and make this look like sexual assault.

“She gave consent, she stayed. Do you not read the lyrics? She’s flirting with him.”

Piers returned to Good Morning Britain today after a break for the Halloween half term.


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