OAP who unwittingly starred in Brit couple’s Magaluf sex video says he was ‘flabbergasted’ by 7am romp


A PENSIONER who unwittingly starred in a viral Magaluf sex video yesterday spoke of his astonishment at seeing the couple’s eye-popping antics.

NHS care worker Lindsay Crawford, 68, strolled past the Brit couple as they cavorted open air at 7am on a concrete bench just yards from a public beach.

Kevin Dunnett

NHS care worker Lindsay Crawford, 68, found himself as an unlikely extra in a viral Magluf sex video[/caption]

Stunned Lindsay said: “I was trying to keep a straight gaze but it was pretty much impossible. You could hardly miss them, they were going at it hammer and tongs.

“They must have been through half a dozen positions and she was very flexible as she was bending and stretching all over the place – it looked she was doing all the work.

“I’m a pretty open minded chap and have seen a fair few things in my life but I was flabbergasted when I saw them at it – it’s not what you expect to see on a morning stroll.

“I’d just left my hotel for a walk after breakfast and came across them in the square. It was early and there was no one around apart from some joggers and bin men.

I was trying not to look as you can see in the video but you couldn’t miss them.

Lindsay Crawford

“And then later when I saw the video I almost choked on my tea to see I was in it. I recognised myself straight away in my flat cap and checked shirt. I look like an extra in a blue movie.

“I was described as a local OAP, yes I’m 68 but I’m still hard at work – although not as hard at it as they were. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what they were up to.

“It was early and there was no one about apart from a couple of bin men. I didn’t know where to look she had no knickers on and he had his shorts pulled down.

“I’ve seen some sights in my life but never anything like that. I was trying not to look as you can see in the video but you couldn’t miss them.

“There were a couple of locals on a balcony and they were shouting down at them to stop but they didn’t flinch.”

Mr Crawford had a shock when he saw himself make a cameo in the viral video

Lindsay, from Hampton, south west London, added: “I’m a pretty open minded chap. I was young once you know but this sort of behaviour isn’t on I was flabbergasted.

“There are signs all over the place in Magaluf telling people to keep their clothes on or they face a fine but these two weren’t bothered at all.”

Yesterday it emerged local cops were scouring CCTV and checking with local hotels to see if they could establish the identity of the pair who face a £535 fine if nabbed.

Signs in English warn holidaymakers to keep their clothes on while walking through the town’s infamous bar and club lined strip or risk a 400 Euro (£355) fine.

The fine for beaching indecency laws and having open air sex is 600 Euro (£535) while drinking and littering is also frowned upon.

We welcome all people here but we expect decent behaviour and this will not be tolerated.

Magaluf town hall official

A town hall official said: “We don’t take to kindly to this sort of behaviour. It lowers the tone of the area. This is a place which attracts families.

“We welcome all people here but we expect decent behaviour and this will not be tolerated.”

Sources in Magaluf said the couple were married but not to each other and had flown off the island the day after the video was filmed on Tuesday.

The local paper Diario de Mallorca ran a picture alongside the headline: ‘New sex scenes in Magaluf calls into question its profile’ as it highlighted how the couple could be fined if caught.

One Magaluf restaurant owner said: “Every morning we have to clear up the debris left by the holidaymakers. Broken bottles, clothes, fast food cartons and sick.

“I’ve seen people having sex on the beach first thing in the morning when I arrive to open up the restaurant. That time of the morning there is no one about apart from street cleaners and joggers.

“The police need to crack down hard on this sort of behaviour. We don’t want this type of people here in Magaluf.”

While a commentator in Spanish media even dragged Brexit into the frame saying: “Hopefully when Britain leaves we will see an end to this hooliganism.”

A spokesman for the local council in Magaluf told The Sun that last year 32 people were prosecuted for having open air sex while this year no one has been caught.

Kevin Dunnett

Mr Crawford he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the couple[/caption]

Kevin Dunnett

Mr Crawford had just left his hotel for a walk after breakfast when he saw the beachside antics[/caption]


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