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New quiz reveals your sleep persona and provides expert tips on how to improve your slumber

Are YOU a pro snoozer or a grim sleeper? Take the quiz that will reveal your sleep persona – and how to get a better night’s rest

  • Online multiple-choice quiz designed to help people find their sleep personas  
  • Pillow specialists Kally Sleep created ten-question quiz to identify how we sleep
  • The slumber personas range from pro snoozer, sleep binger and grim sleeper 
  • Experts shared their tips for how each type of persona can get a good night’s kip

Getting a good night’s sleep is the holy grail for so many of us, whether it’s a snoring partner, stress, insomnia or bad dreams that disturbs your shut eye.  

Now a new online quiz developed by pillow specialists Kally Sleep, aims to improve your night’s rest through a range of questions that will identify your sleep persona. 

By pinning down the underlying issues causing you to toss and turn, its sleep expert Ori Leslau then offer tips tailored to your specific needs. 

Scroll down to take the quiz to find out your sleep persona, and what you can to do ensure a more restful night.  

The new quiz put together by Kally Sleep helps people identify what their sleep persona is and provides them with tips for how to combat their exhaustion and get a perfect night's sleep. Picture: Stock

The new quiz put together by Kally Sleep helps people identify what their sleep persona is and provides them with tips for how to combat their exhaustion and get a perfect night’s sleep. Picture: Stock


What sleeping position best describes you? 

A. Baby

B. Log 

C. Superman 

D. Starfish 

Who’s in bed with you?

A. Just me 

B. My pets

C. My partner and kids 

D. My partner and pets 

E. My partner 

It’s 3am and you’re awake, why?

A. I need another pee 

B. My partner is snoring

C. My child’s crying 

D> Thinking about my to-do list

E. I’m sleepwalking… again 

 It’s 9pm and you put on Titanic, when do you fall asleep?

A. The car scene 

B. Opening credits 

C. End credits 

D. ‘I’ll never let go, I promise’ 

Which of these are you most likely to dream about?

A. Just my everyday life 

B. I don’t usually remember 

C. Nightmares 

D. Woohoo I’m flying 

 What is your one wish?

A. Wish for unlimited wishes 

B. Wish I could sleep more 

C. Wish I would stop worrying 

D. Wish my partner would stop snoring 

It’s the last half an hour before nodding off, what are you doing?

A. Reading 

B. My eight-step skincare routine 

C. Just one more episode

D. Enjoying a late-night snack 

Do you talk in your sleep?

A. No never 

B. Just the occasional binge 

C. I’ve been told I do 

D. Sometimes I shout in my sleep 

Do you wear socks in bed?

A. Eww no 

B. Sometimes if it’s cold 

C. All the time 

Where do you find yourself nodding off? 

A. Planes, trains and cars

B. Just about anywhere 

C. Just my bed

D. In meetings… oops

Scroll to find out your sleep persona based on your answers


The questions probe whether you sleep in the superman or log position at night and who you share you bed with – incase they are a big snorer. 

To dig deeper into what may be causing a lack of sleep, it asks quizzers to suggest what may be keeping them up at 3am – with options such as a child crying, sleepwalking or thinking about your to-do list. 

In order to judge your ability to stay awake throughout the day, it also digs deep into where you are likely to doze off and even asks at what point you’re likely to drift off during popular 90s love story Titanic. 


 MOSTLY As: Pro Snoozer

If sleep was an Olympic sport you’d be getting the gold medal. You’re a natural-born sleeper who can sleep whenever and wherever you want. 

That’s not to say you don’t put in the effort of creating the perfect sleep environment.

You listen to the sleep experts and are rewarded with 8+ sweet hours of undisturbed shut-eye.

Expert recommends

 Waking up naturally can sometimes be too early, even for a pro snoozer, but try to get up rather than ‘snoozing’ for an extra 45 minutes.

Waking up with an alarm in the middle of another sleep cycle can leave you feeling groggy despite sleeping for longer.

 MOSTLY Bs: Sleep Binger

There’s nothing you love more than sleep, whether that’s in your own bed, on the sofa, or drifting off on the train. 

If the opinion is to go out or have an early night we know which one you’d choose. Your greatest enemy is that alarm ringtone (or having to stay up for New Year’s Eve).

Expert recommends 

 If you want to make waking up that little easier, try cutting out any unnecessary naps you might be sneaking in and try to have a relaxed evening with calming activities before bed. 

This will ensure you get better quality sleep and wake up easier in the morning. 



 MOSTLY Cs: Grim Sleeper

Unfortunately for you, a peaceful night’s sleep doesn’t come easily. 

Whether you’re struggling to get comfy, battling insomnia or simply struggling to wind down, hitting the hay and falling asleep quickly often feels out of reach. 

You’re a high energy individual with lots on your mind, and this can mean that you get less sleep than average.

Expert recommends 

 Create a relaxing sleep environment by investing in some blackout blinds or curtains to make your bedroom dark.

 Humidifiers and sleep sprays can also really help you relax.

MOSTLY Ds: The Wild One

You don’t play by the rules, your sleep routine is unpredictable and ever-changing. 

There’s no set time for lights out, it could be 9pm, midnight or 3am it really depends on your busy calendar (or what’s on Netflix) – either way, you’re always up and ready to take on the day whether you got 4 hours or 9.

Expert recommends 

 Creating some routine will make a big difference to your sleep. 

If making sure you’re in bed between 10-11.30pm is going to be a challenge, try to create a routine with what you do before sleeping such as meditation, reading or listening to a sleep app – all proven to help people switch off.


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