Monaco Grand Prix LIVE: Lewis Hamilton to battle Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas


13:55: The drivers have taken part in a minute of silence to honour the late great Niki Lauda, with Hamilton dedicated his qualifying victory to the three-time world champion.

He said yesterday: “This one’s for Niki, definitely one of the best qualifying [sessions] I can remember.

“One that means as much as this one, it having been such a difficult week, for the team and personally. We wanted to do him proud.

“He was part of the process of changing my life. If I hadn’t had the call I would be a one-time world champion, and now I am a five-time world champion.”

Lewis Hamilton starts in pole on Sunday as he looks to extend his lead over Valtteri Bottas at the top of the drivers’ standings.

Mercedes have taken first and second place in all five of the previous races so far this season, with qualifying suggesting a repeat this weekend.

Before the race, Hamilton outlined what he needs to do in order to taste success in Monaco once again, and revealed his hopes about the weather.

“You know, this race – as you’ve seen in the previous years – lots of things get thrown at you so we’ve just got to stay on our toes,” Hamilton said.

“But I honestly feel that were the best prepared, we’ve had a really solid weekend of preparation.

“We’ve had good years of experience too but that doesn’t mean that there are unknowns ahead but we’ll face it together.

“I heard that there’s a potential chance of rain but it will be the same for all of us and if anything that makes it more exciting at this track.

“But I guess ultimately, when you’re on pole, you hope it will be just smooth sailing, a dry, safety car kind of day but yeah, the tyres that we have, it’s a one-stop race generally, it has been for a long time here, so it’s really just about keeping calm, cool and collected and just delivering on what we’ve practised throughout the weekend.”


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