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Marks & Spencer: Love Sausage offered to customers for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is special day for those looking to celebrate a romantic relationship.

Britons celebrate in many ways, often sharing a meal.

Marks & Spencer have devised a unique food product for lovers this year.

The brand has proudly advertised the Love Sausage.

Marks & Spencer tweeted today: “Are you ready for our Love Sausage?

“Heart-shaped, lightly-truffled, wrapped in bacon and in store tomorrow.

“Say it with sausages – tag who you’ll be sharing your Love Sausage with this Valentine’s Day! #MyMarksFave.”

Twitter users responded to the advert pointing out the interesting name of the product.

One wrote: “The social media team at @marksandspencer have just “won” Twitter for the day, give up folks, nothing to see here but some #LoveSausage.”

Another said: “I think the M&S marketing folks need to workshop a different name for it tho!” (sic)

“Love sausage? let me guess, you didn’t think this one through,” another wrote.

The marketing campaign has been compared to Gregg’s controversial Christmas campaign which saw a sausage roll take the place of Jesus in the nativity.

A Twitter user said: “Genius marketing from M&S. Almost as good as the time Greggs replaced baby Jesus with a sausage roll in their nativity scene. #LoveSausage”

In other food news, Greggs vegan sausage roll for Veganuary caused controversy. 

Greggs’ vegan sausage roll has been created to mirror some of their best seller’s classic features, including 96 layers of light and crisp puff pastry.

However, the filling is instead made with a bespoke Quorn filling.

McDonald’s vegetarian Happy Meal provided a new option for veggie fast food fans. 

The main meal features a red pesto goujon tortilla wrap, which has been garnished with tomato ketchup and shredded lettuce.

The meat-free option is made from yellow split peas, tomato, arborio rice, and sundried tomato pesto – all covered in breadcrumbs.


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