Love Island’s Maura accused of being a ‘hypocrite’ as she explodes at Jordan for cracking on with another girl weeks after Curtis did the exact same thing to Amy


LOVE Island fans have slammed Maura for exploding at ‘cheat’ Jordan weeks after Curtis did the same thing to Amy.

Viewers were gripped last night when Maura, 28, chucked her drink in the air and screamed at Jordan as the girls rounded on him and called him “fake”.

Love Island fans called Maura a hypocrite for screaming at Jordan after Curtis did the same to Amy

Anna, 28, saw new boyfriend Jordan ignore her in last night’s show, and later tell Curtis that he had feelings for stunning page 3 model India Reynolds, 28.

Curtis couldn’t resist confiding in feisty Maura, who immediately replied: “You are joking … I HATE guys like that.”

Within minutes, viewers saw Jordan take India for a chat but they’d hardly sat down before Anna stormed over and the girls followed her.

As they rounded on Jordan, Maura could be heard screaming: “You are a liar!”

Anna demanded an explanation as the girls gathered round
She screamed at Jordan ‘it’s been TWO days’ referring to when he asked her to be his girlfriend
Jordan refused to acknowledge he was cracking on with India

But viewers pointed out that Maura’s new partner Curtis did the same to Amy Hart when his head was turned in Casa Amor.

A viewer wrote on Twitter: “Maura: I hate guys like that. Ummm it’s basically exactly what Curtis did to Amy so if you hate guys like that don’t date one hun”

One more said: “Is Maura forgetting that Curtis did the same thing to Amy and she was the other girl?”

As another fan moaned: “Maura saying she ‘hates guys like Jordan’ but Jordan did the exact same thing that Curtis did to Amy. She’s only a good friend when it suits her #LoveIsland”

Curtis told partner Maura that Jordan revealed he has feelings for India

Meanwhile, last night’s dramatic scenes left Anna’s sister angry, and she took to her Instagram Stories straightaway to tear a strip off Jordan, 24.

At one point she said: “You’re a cold-hearted p***k who doesn’t take someone’s feelings into consideration.”

Mandi accused “Shrek lookalike” Jordan of “lying through the gaps in his teeth”.

Mandi took aim at Jordan, calling him a ‘Shrek lookalike’ and a ‘cold hearted p***k’
Mandi was furious that Jordan had faked his feelings for her sister

She raged: “I can’t even f***ing believe that this 23-year-old f***ing Shrek lookalike has been playing a game with Anna this whole f***ing time.”

Laying into the model’s appearance, she continued: “He’s been lying through the gaps in his f***ing teeth this whole time.

“Literally that’s where he’s been hiding all his feelings, in them gaps… now it makes sense why they’re there.”


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