Love Island viewers are furious as they spot Anton ‘using his water bottle wrong’


LOVE Island viewers have raged online after spotting Anton Danyluk “using his water bottle wrong”.

One fan ranted on Twitter last night: “‘The way Anton drinks his water out of those f*****g bottles!! Don’t f*****g tip it!”

Anton Danyluk has caught the eye of fans – but not for the right reasons

Anton has failed to grasp that the bottle is fitted with a straw and should be held , allowing liquid to be sucked up.

Another person fumed: “Anton keep tipping up his water bottle when he drinks is really annoying. Mate, it has a STRAW! It sucks up the liquid without you needing to tip it up!”

One more seethed: “I mean why is no one questioning why Anton tips his water bottle? Dosnt he realise all you have to do it suck the straw”

And a fourth said: “Does anyone else get wound up with the way #Anton drinks his drink in #loveisland ?! YOU DON’T NEED TO TIP IT PAL”


Others were horrified that he uses the water bottle to drink his protein shakes.

One said: “Can’t believe Anton drinks protein shakes out of his water bottle. Absolutely rotten”

Just last week, Anton had made fans cringe when he told them his mother shaves his bum.

Viewers were left disgusted by the frank confession from the smooth-talking Scottish gym boss, 24.

The gym chief is set to enter the villa
Rex Features

After Amber Gill made a comment about him shaving his legs in the first episode, host Caroline Flack asked: “Do you shave your whole body?”

He admitted: “My mum usually shaves my bum for me, that’ll be Amy’s job now of course!”

And fans were freaked out by his overshare, taking to Twitter to share their disgust.

The show returns tonight




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