London bloodbath: Man stabbed in hand in brutal Purley knife attack


The incident took place at the local train station this evening. MyLondon are reporting there are unconfirmed claims of a second stabbing in the town. It is believed police cordons are in place in the High Street, Russell Hill, Brighton Road and the station forecourt.


A witness has said: “The whole road was closed up with about 10 police cars. There was a stabbing on the High Street and then a stabbing at the station.

“We were told they were both linked. We had to leave Pizza Express out of the back door.”

A commenter on a Facebook page, described the scene in Purley: “Just driven through there and the police/ambulances etc are all over the place, on the main road and down the alley behind the shops behind the Pear Tree etc. The main road is cordoned off.”

Another person posting on My South London wrote: “We live outside where it happened, blue tent is going up.”

More to follow… 


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