Labour SCRAPS plans to hold second 'Jezfest' summer event after EMBARRASSING ticket sales


The decision was made after last year’s festival lost thousands of pounds and was mocked as a flop. Labour has not booked the 20,000 capacity venue which was used to hold last years event. Last year only 13,000 showed up to the event even after thousands of tickets were given away for free by unions.

At the 2018 festival, Jeremy Corbyn’s speech was interrupted by an anti-Brexit protest with pro-EU campaigners unveiling a large “Stop backing Brexit” banner.

Prices of tickets were also cut from £35 to £10 after poor sales.

Despite empty fields and low ticket sales bosses vowed last year to repeat the festival this summer.

Chair of the Labour Party, Ian Lavery, told the Sun last year: “There will be a Labour Live next year and it will be twice as big.”

At the event, Labour’s treasurer admitted a lot of cash was lost despite being planned as a money spinner.

Labour leaders believe another festival this year could bankrupt the party.

A Labour source told the Sun: “There’s no way financially they can do it.”

Haringey Council has confirmed White Hart Lane recreation has not been booked by Labour of a festival this year.

Performers at last years festival included Levi Roots, comedian Eddie Izzard, Clean Bandit and Magic Numbers.

Senior Labour figures John McDonnell and David Lammy as well as Jeremy Corbyn made an appearance.

After the event was seen to be a flop – people took to Twitter to express their opinions.

A critic of the festival wrote: “Sadly, there was a bigger and more appreciative crowd of @levirootsmusic when he visited my small daughter’s infant school.”

It was reported those who attended last year were baffled by some of the strange lectures – especially a speaker who vowed to “take Britain back to the 1970’s”.

The Labour party has been contacted for comment.


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