Jean Eric Vergne opens up about F1 axing and how Formula E changed his life


JEAN-ERIC VERGNE says Formula E turned his life around after dropping out of F1 at the age of 23.

The Frenchman explains how he got his racing career back on track after being lonely and lost after being dumped out by Red Bull owned Toro Rosso in 2014.

Jean Eric-Vergne is leading the FE championship as ahead of the season finale

When asked if it was toughest part of his life, he said: “Yes and no, at the time yes.

“I had no contract, also it was not like I was earning a lot of money at Red Bull for the position I was in.

“You go from an environment where everything is set out for you at Red Bull – going from everything to nothing.

“I did not know many people in the sport – I didn’t have my own manager, so you cant look for other teams or see what is going on because you’re at Red Bull.”

Jean Eric-Vergne was dropped by Red Bull owned Toro Rosso in 2014

He added: “At the time I was living in England – but quite quickly it became impossible to live there.

“Then I left and lived at a friends place for two months, before I went to live back in England.”

Vergne is on the verge of being the first driver to win back-to-back FE titles this weekend in New York.

He said: “Formula E has absolutely [turned my life around], yes, absolutely.”

After winning last time out in Bern, he said it would be a “no brainer” as the “biggest achievement” of his career if he were to retain his title in the Big Apple.

He said: “I forbid myself to think about the championship.

“I’m not thinking ‘what if I win the championship [for] the second time in New York?’.”

“Nothing is comfortable in Formula E.”

Jean-Eric Vergne is the reigning champion after claiming the title in New York last year
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