How to travel to South East Asia — top tips for group or solo bookings


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Here’s our top tips on how to experience South East Asia
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Q: I’M looking to travel to South East Asia later this year and am struggling to decide whether to book myself on to a group trip or travel on my own – what would you recommend?

A: There are lots of reasons why travellers go solo when embarking on a new adventure. Benefits include a set pace of journey, the opportunity to meet new people and freedom to explore the authenticity of each destination.

However, there are also advantages of discovering new locations, such as South East Asia, as part of a group.

When travelling as part of a group, spending on accommodation, transportation and meals is reduced, security and safety is increased and new memories and experiences are shared between the group.

If you are after some downtime this isn’t a problem either, as group trips regularly allow you to have free time to relax or explore the destination at your own pace.

Travelling in a group means discounts and greater safety
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One great option is a travel provider such as Topdeck Travel, which gives solo travellers, as well as those planning to travel with friends, the opportunity to explore as part of a group.

Why not try something like Asian Fusion – 27 nights’ B&B plus 13 other meals including all transport through to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam from £2479pp.

Or if you would rather a smaller solo stretch, why not add on a short group trip to your travels, such as Bali Island Hopper – six nights’ B&B plus four other meals including all transport from £509pp.


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