How to keep cool at night – SEVEN heatwave sleep tips


3. Cotton pyjamas

While many of us may be opting to sleep naked in this hot weather, donning cotton pyjamas may actually ensure a more comfortable nights sleep.

Dr Senn said: “It’s common sense to think the lesser the better when you’re hot, and many Brits may even be sleeping naked; there’s been some debate whether sleeping naked is actually better for us.

“But when it comes to night-time clothing, it’s actually better to wear pyjamas, just as long as they are natural cotton.

“This is because cotton actually helps your skin breathe, while absorbing your sweat during the night.”

4. Pressure points

Being aware of your pulse points and keeping these cool can help prevent feeling overheated.

Dr Senn explained: “Try splashing some water or placing a cold ice-cube on your body’s different pulse points, such as your wrists or the sides of your neck, for a short period of time.

“Your body’s blood vessels will react to the cool sensation and instantly bring your core temperature down.

“However, try and avoid your feet and hands, as this can prevent you from falling asleep.”


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