David Ortiz: WATCH horrifying footage of Boston Red Sox legend being SHOT in local bar


Reports emerged earlier this evening that Ortiz was rushed to hospital following an incident at the “Dial” club in the eastern part of Santa Domingo.

It was first reported that Ortiz had suffered a gunshot wound to his leg, but it later emerged he was shot in the back with the bullet exiting through his stomach.

TV presenter Jhoel Lopez was also said to have been wounded by the shootings.

Local media have reported one suspect is in custody from the shooting.

After being rushed to hospital, Ortiz was taken to the emergency room for surgery and is now said to be in a stable condition.

Local journalist Dionisio Soldevila also reported Ortiz pleaded with doctors to save his life.

“Please don’t let me die. I’m a good man,” he is reported to have said to one ER doctor.

Security camera footage of the incident soon emerged on social media, showing the moment Ortiz was shot.


The shooter could be seen at the top of the screen, approaching Ortiz from behind.

The man could be seen just a few metres behind the Boston Red Sox legend before pulling the trigger, which sent Ortiz crashing to the ground.

Others in the bar could be seen jumping out of their seats and running for their lives after hearing the gunshot.

Footage from locals also appeared to show the alleged shooter being beaten and bloodied by a number of people.


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