Brexit LIVE: Labour boasts it’s ‘BAILING OUT’ Tories as UK on brink of soft Brexit


Barry Gardiner said Theresa May pleaded with his party to rescue her Brexit deal as she aims for a fourth time to get it passed by MPs. And he launched a scathing attack against Conservative Brexit minister James Cleverly, claiming when he accused Jeremy Corbyn of trashing the withdrawal agreement, he was “confusing delivering Brexit with delivering the deal that has been criticised”. Mr Gardiner said: “You don’t want to hear it, but you as a Brexit minister should understand that we are in there trying to bail you guys out. 

“We are now trying to negotiate with you because your Prime Minister”, who has lost control of her party, who has lost any chance of getting her deal through Parliament, has had to come to us and say please, I now need to listen to the ideas that you have been putting forward about how we can actually get a compromise that will work for most people in this country and will get through our Parliament.”

Mr Gardiner, MP for Brent North, went on claiming the Labour Party is indeed trying to “deliver Brexit”, but in accordance with its manifesto.

He said: “Don’t tell us that we are not trying to deliver Brexit, that was our manifesto commitment, and we are trying to do it but we are trying to do it in line with our manifesto, and our manifesto was very clear, we wouldn’t have the sort of bad Brexit that you lot had managed to negotiate and we certainly wouldn’t have a no deal, and that’s why we have kept that position and we are trying to get a compromise.”

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brexit latest news update theresa may jeremy corbyn brexit talks

Barry Gardiner said the Labour Party is ‘trying to bail out’ Theresa May (Image: BBC/GETTY)

It comes as Mr Corbyn and Mrs May have entered their fifth week of Brexit talks in a bid to find a compromise and strike a revamped Brexit deal able to go through Parliament.

But the Prime Minister, whose spokesman said on Monday the parties have yet to find “a way forward”, has warned she is aiming to end the negotiations within days.

Rory Stewart, the new International Development Secretary, said Mrs May needs to compromise and get a “national deal” with Mr Corbyn to make sure it lasts for decades – signalling a further shift towards a soft Brexit within the Government.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “If a deal is to really last, it is important you get cross-party support.

“If not, the danger is the Government changes and the whole thing gets undone.

“So we really need a national deal.” 

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9.25am update: EU elections candidates running for the Conservative Party vow to vote for Brexit Party in protest with Theresa May’s handling of Brexit – shock claim

Two Eu elections candidates for the Conservative Party have revealed they are planning to vote for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party at the upcoming May vote, Sky News’ political correspondent Lewis Goodall said. 

The journalist wrote on Twitter: “Astounding. Am told by a Conservative source that two Tory Euro election candidates on one of the party’s regional lists are in fact voting for the Brexit Party in those elections.

“Even the Tory candidates are voting for someone else. That’s where we are at.” 

Mr Goodall also added a screenshot of a series of messages allegedly from another Tory candidate, who wrote: “I am on the ballot and I will NOT BE VOTING FOR MYSELF (how bad have things become??) – I’m an activist for my Party…I never left my Party, my Party left me (with the absolute shower that it has at the Top re Brexit. 

“I’ll start campaigning again for the Party once we’ve left the EU… and I’m not some ERG type. 

“I’m a ‘moderate’. ‘We’re going to get slaughtered 1 TODAY, 2 EUROS, 3 PETERBOROUGH.” 

brexit news latest update theresa may jeremy corbyn brexit talks brexit party local elections

EU elections candidates from the Conservative Party are vowing not to vote for themselves in May (Image: GETTY)

9am update: Local elections’ result means ‘Brexit – sort it’ – John McDonnell

The results of the local elections show Britain’s exit from the European Union needs to be resolved, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said. 

He wrote on Twitter: “We’ll see what final results of local elections look like by end of day as they are pretty mixed geographically up to now but so far message from local elections – ‘Brexit – sort it’. Message received.” 

The Labour Party is believed to have lost at least 3 councils at yesterday’s local elections, while the Tories have lost at least 20 councils. 

brexit latest news update theresa may jeremy corbyn brexit talks

Rory Stewart, the newly appointed International Development Secretary (Image: GETTY)

8.40am update: Labour should have done better, says Corbyn critic

Labour MP Neil Coyle, a prominent critic of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership, took a thinly-veiled swipe at his party’s leader as Labour is losing seats following the local elections. 

Saying he believes the party should have done better, Mr Coyle wrote on Twitter: “Nine years into Tory-led Governments and all the damage they’ve unleashed.

“Three years after the Brexit referendum. One massive elephant in the room.”

8.20am update: Tories are ‘going to be toast’ unless they deliver Brexit

Brexit-backing Conservative MP Sir Bernard Jenkin told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: “If the Conservative Party doesn’t mend its ways pretty quickly, the Conservative Party is going to be toast.

“It is quite obvious that the Conservative Party has got to deliver Brexit – and a Brexit that really is Brexit.”


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