Boxing news: Anthony Joshua FINISHED, Andy Ruiz responds to Tyson Fury, GGG claim


Anthony Joshua is finished

Tyson Fury believes Anthony Joshua’s days an elite boxer are over following his devastating loss to Andy Ruiz Jr.

“When a man doesn’t want to be there once, he will always do it and it’s hard to come back from,” Fury said of Joshua. “It’s been done many different times by many different fighters. He did it that night and I don’t think he will come back from it. Finished.

“Ask any top trainer who has been around the sport a lifetime. When he got to the ring I saw he didn’t want to be there.”

Andy Ruiz Jr responds to Tyson Fury

Ruiz Jr has dismissed Fury’s claim his upcoming fight with Tom Schwarz will be for the WBO heavyweight title.

He told Fino Boxing: “I’m actually going to Puerto Rico with Paco in July so we’re going to talk and all that. But, no, I don’t think that’s true.”

Ruiz Jr is set to rematch Joshua later this year and is hoping to defend his heavyweight titles on home soil.

“I will be doing the rematch, might be in November or December,” Ruiz Jr added.

“We’re still in negotiations to see if it’s going to be here in the United States but we’re trying to fight to make the fight in Mexico.

“So I’m really excited for that, for all the Mexican people can be there, all my people.

“It really doesn’t matter if it’s here or Mexico, I’m still willing to get it on.”

Demetrius Andrade reveals Gennady Golovkin fight talks

WBO middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade has claimed Gennady Glolovkin was offered the opportunity to fight him but declined the fight in order to face Steve Rolls, who he emphatically stopped at Madison Square Garden earlier this month.

“I wouldn’t be fighting Maciej Sulecki and GGG Boxing wouldn’t have fought Steve Rolls if GGG would have accepted a fight with me,” Andrade tweeted. “GGG is #1 in the World Boxing Organization.

“He was given the opportunity to fight me and said NO WAY! #TRUTH #TallBlackandHandsome #ATeam.”


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