4 questions to ask to get the best deals on health care and prescriptions


Where and how you get your prescription can make a difference in how much you’ll pay. It can take some homework to figure to find the best deal, but it’s worth it.

An in-network pharmacy is usually the best bet. Your pharmacy benefit plan’s mail-order system could potentially provide the best savings and most convenience for repeat prescriptions, especially if you can order three months’ supply rather than refill monthly.

But it pays to shop around with a prescription drug search-engine before you commit, such as www.goodrx.com, www.wellrx.com, and www.rxpricequotes.com.

Some of the new online pharmacies could offer competitive prices, so it’s worth checking their sites.

Sometimes talking to the pharmacist at your local retail drugstore, or the pharmacy counter at your grocery store could result in surprise savings.


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